Php code for Basic Calculator

Php code for Basic Calculator

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Php code for Basic Calculator


File name:Calculator

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN” “”>
<html xmlns=””>
<meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=iso-8859-1″ />
<title>Untitled Document</title>
<style type=”text/css”>
.btn {color: #0000CC; border: #FF0000 1px solid; width:150px; height:35px; font-family:Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
.button {background-color: #999999; border:#999900 1px solid; width:100px; height:30px; color:#FFF; font-style:bold;}
.h1 {font-family:Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif ; font-size:24px; color:#FFFFFF;}
.label {font-family:Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size:20px;}
.style3 {color: #FF0000; font-weight: bold; font-size:25px; }
.style4 {color: #FF0000; font-style: italic ; font-size:12px ; padding-left:20px;}
.tr {background-color: #999999;}
.tr1 {background-color: #CC9900; border: #CCCCCC 1px solid; height:30px;}
.style12 {background-color: #999999; color: #CCFF00; }
.style14 {font-size: 24px; color: #CCFF00; }

<script type=”text/JavaScript”>
function MM_callJS(jsStr) { //v2.0
return eval(jsStr)

<body >
<form action=”” method=”post” name=”form1″ id=”form1″ >
//start of the code of PHP Main
if (isset($_POST[‘Submit’])) // set the submit button when click

$value1=$_POST[‘value1’]; // setting variables of the field 1 and field 2
$operation=$_POST[‘operatorbutton’]; //setting up variables with radio button
// $Fresult=”;

if ($value1==” ) { //check the field if it is empty and post it with javascript msgbox
echo ‘<script language=”javascript” >’ ;
echo ‘alert(“Field 1 is required”);’;
echo’ </script>’;
if ($value2==”) { //check the field if it is empty and post it with javascript msgbox
echo ‘<script language=”javascript” >’ ;
echo ‘alert(“Field 2 is required”);’;
echo’ </script>’;

//start of the operation
if ($operation==”) {
echo ‘<script language=”javascript” >’ ;
echo ‘alert(“Division of zero is not allowed”);’;
echo’ </script>’;} //checking of operator if it is null
elseif($operation == ‘add’) {
elseif ($operation == ‘sub’) {
elseif ($operation == ‘mul’) {
elseif ($operation == ‘div’)
// checking if if is divided in zero and post it in a javascript
if ($value2 ==’0′)
echo ‘<script language=”javascript” >’ ;
echo ‘alert(“Division of zero is not allowed”);’;
echo’ </script>’;

else //else perform division

//setting all radio button to unchecked
$add = ‘unchecked’;
$subtract = ‘unchecked’;
$multiply = ‘unchecked’;
$divide = ‘unchecked’;
//setting variable for selected operator button
$selected_button = $_POST[‘operatorbutton’];

if ($selected_button == ‘add’)
$add = ‘checked’;
else if ($selected_button == ‘sub’)
$subtract = ‘checked’;
else if ($selected_button == ‘mul’)
$multiply = ‘checked’;
else if ($selected_button == ‘div’)
$divide = ‘checked’;
} //end of main

<table width=”764″ border=”0″ align=”center” cellpadding=”4″ style=”border:#CC9900 1px solid;”>
<th colspan=”3″ bgcolor=”#0066FF” scope=”col” class=”style14″><h1 class=”h1″>Basic Calculator in PHP</h1>
<p class=”h1″>Created By: Mr. Jake R. Pomperada, MAED-IT </p></th>
</tr >
<td width=”26%”><div align=”right” class=”label”>First Number </div></td>
<td width=”1%”><span class=”style3″>:</span></td>
<td width=”73%” ><input name=”value1″ type=”text” class=”btn” id=”value1″ value=”<?php echo trim($_POST[‘value1’]); ?>” onkeypress=” return isNumberKey(event)” /></td>
<!–display the error–>
<td height=”30″><div align=”right” class=”label”>Second Number </div></td>
<td><span class=”style3″>:</span></td>
<td><input name=”value2″ type=”text” class=”btn” id=”value2″ value=”<?php echo trim( $_POST[‘value2’]); ?>” onkeypress=” return isNumberKey(event)”/></td>
<tr class=”tr”>
<td height=”24″><div align=”right” class=”label”>Operator</div></td>
<td class=”style3″>:</td>
<td >
<span class=”style12″>
<input name=”operatorbutton” type=”radio” checked=”checked” <?php print $add; ?>; value=”add” />

<input name=”operatorbutton” type=”radio” value=”sub” <?php print $subtract; ?> />
<input name=”operatorbutton” type=”radio” value=”mul” <?php print $multiply; ?>/>
<input name=”operatorbutton” type=”radio” value=”div” <?php print $divide; ?> />
Division</span><span class=”style14″>&nbsp;</span></td>
<td height=”26″><div align=”right” class=”label”>Result</div></td>
<td class=”style3″>:</td>
<td class=”style3″><?php print $Fresult; ?></td>
<td class=”style4″><div align=”center”></div>
<div align=”center”></div></td>
<td><input name=”Submit” type=”submit” class=”button” value=”Calculate”/>
<input name=”cmdReset” type=”submit” class=”button” id=”cmdReset” onclick=”MM_callJS(‘cleartext()’)” value=”Clear” />
<td colspan=”3″><div align=”center” class=”tr1″></div></td>

<script language=”javascript” >
function isNumberKey(evt)
var charCode = (evt.which) ? evt.which : event.keyCode
if (charCode > 31 && (charCode < 45 || charCode > 57))
return false;
return true;
} </script>

<script language=”javascript” >
function cleartext()
var form = document.forms[0];
//purpose?: to make the form textfield in to null
form.value1.value = “”;
form.value2.value = “”;
} </script>

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